Myths of poker machines

There are a lot of “old wives tales” about poker machines out there. These are myths that have been built up and spread around over time. It pays to take advice and tips about poker machines with a grain of salt as there’s a heap of misinformation around out there. Often these myths lead people to believe that real poker machines are better or safer than online machines, which is just not true. If anything, the opposite is true. Here are a few examples just to give you the idea:

MYTH: Real Machines have Off/On or Hot/Cold Cycles.
Many people think that if a real poker machine has been played for a long time without paying out, then it’s “due” to enter a hot cycle – a period of time during which it will payout a lot. We’ve dispelled this myth a number of times, but it persists (and so so do we!) – THIS IS NOT TRUE. There is not such thing as a machine due to payout, or a hot or cold cycle. Each and every spin is generated randomly and has no bearing on the spins to come. In fact, it’s even more complicated than this – check out our “How do slot machines work” to find out why, if you’re playing a machine and then get up and leave and the next player sits down and hits the jackpot immediately, you would not have won that jackpot if you had kept playing.

MYTH: Real poker machines operate mechanically.
Some people are wary of playing online poker machines. They think that online games are less trustworthy because they’re not mechanical like real poker machines and therefore can be “fixed” or “rigged” more easily. The reality is that although real poker machines look mechanical, with the spinning reels and sometimes with the lever or at least wth a button that you can push, they’re not mechancially operated. Real poker machines are controlled by thesame computer software that generates numbers randomly that online poker machines are controlled by. The real poker machines just keep this mechanical appearance for aesthetics, and to give the sense of the old school machines, like the liberty bell machine, which were operated mechanically. Online poker machines are just as safe – in fact likely more so – and cannot be fixed or rigged by anyone, including the house.

MYTH: Pulling the lever is better than pressing play.
The same kind of thinking as above generated this myth. That is, that mechanical slots are better than computerised ones, and that playing with the lever means you’re playing with a mechanical machine and have a greater chance of winning, or at least avoiding fixed machines. This is not true. Pressing the play or spin button, or pulling the lever has no effect whatsoever on the outcome of the spin. All poker machines these days are computerised, and if the lever is just for show. There is no difference between real machines with levers, real machines with buttons, or online machines (except that the odds tend to be better on online machines).