Win Palace Casino Online Gambling Review

I often think that when somebody is naming a new online casino, they put a selection of about 30 words into a hat, including ‘Slots’, ‘Win’, ‘Gold’, ‘World’, ‘Lucky’, ‘Cash’, ‘Royal’. ‘Platinum’, ‘Play’ and ‘Palace’. In this case they pulled out ‘Win’ and ‘Palace’  … and so we have an online casino offering that is … Read moreWin Palace Casino Online Gambling Review

Royal Vegas

Anybody familiar with Vegas, even from as distant a vantage point as through Hollywood movies, knows that there is little which is ‘Royal’ about the place! It’s glitzy, glamorous and over-the-top, for sure. But “royal”? No! Yet Royal Vegas manages to effectively combine that glamour and excitement with the restraint, class and elegance of royalty. … Read moreRoyal Vegas